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My new video on youtube

2009-12-28 21:19:43 by CeilingCat

So anyways, some doucher scene girl on youtube posted her trying to lip sync Fuck Her Gently by Tenacious D. She failed. Horribly. So I made one to show her how to do it right, and here it is.

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Note to the people

2009-12-14 03:09:41 by CeilingCat

3 things, and the only things, you should be worried about..

Surviving, making a family, and supporting that family. And if you are young and want somebody that you think you'll stay interested in forever. No other good thing will come out of it, besides the false happiness, and when the day happens that you break up, you'll feel worst than you did before the relationship. I know this, and many others do.
The break up will make you miss something that you shouldn't of never been in from the start.

If you haven't grown up, these should be your priorities. Main ones listed first.
First School,
Then Work,
Then Relationships.

If you think young relationships are important and yet you go around doing nothing important in the relationship, grow the fuck up. Don't get in one unless you are BOTH willing to commit in that relationship, and you BOTH plan on making a kid throughout that relationship.
(In a past relationship I was in we both weren't committed to the relationship.. and it failed)
And don't leave your partner because they get "boring". That is the most idiotic thing one can do, because you are not in a relationship because you think it will be fun, you are in it because both you and your partner work well together. You'll never stay interested in somebody forever. When you lose interest in your partner, deal with it.

These things I have wrote also go along with how more older relationships succeed more than young ones, because in the old relationships that succeed both partners (obviously) have grown up.

They are willing to accept their job as a partner, therefore they are extremely successful in their relationship and thrive throughout their lives. When something "negative" happens in a good relationship, the good couple would talk about it and then deal with it. In a bad relationship, the couple will just say "Fuck it" right there, and be done with the relationship, without any discussion.

The rate of successful relationships (old and young), however, has been diminishing. Because.. well, humans are becoming stupider. Who would of thought?

But yes, I'll be in a relationship. But only when my future partner is grown up, and realizes that relationships aren't just for fun (and not forget someone because they got boring). We also need to truthfully be ready to commit, something apparently nobody can seem to do these days.

So here I am. Writing all of this. My point? To help you grow up if you haven't already.
So listen to me. Think about what I have wrote for you. If you agree with all of this, it will make you an extremely stronger person. Believe me.

EDIT: My gawd, wut hav I dun wit mai lief.

Song = Best

2009-11-30 22:27:36 by CeilingCat

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2009-11-26 18:22:19 by CeilingCat

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